How to place an ad with us

Placing an ad with our papers is straightforward. 

First of all get in touch with Ruth, our ad manager and ask for a ratecard: levelleradvert@gmail.com

The ratecard is designed to make choosing an ad easy. No RoP’s, column inches and things that need a degree in maths.

Simply select one of our basic sizes. We print on A4 paper, the sort you see around the office and our sizes are 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 or a full page. Choose the size you want and check the price. 

If you want to see what an 1/8 page looks like, turn the ratecard to page 2 and you can see for yourself. 

Then send your ad design through to Ruth. Simple. 

We will invoice you and you will need to make payment before the 10th of the month in which the ad is going to appear. We can take electronic payments to our bank account or cheques made payable to Even Handed Licensing Limited, the company which owns our papers. We are not able to take debit or credit cards.