Langport Election results

Apologies that we put this out on facebook for people and then forgot to replicate it on our website. So if you didn’t know already, these are the results of the Langport Town Council election: Election Candidate Votes %    Ian MacNab 250 8% Elected  Colin Percy Edwards 238 7% Elected  Julia Mary Frances Gadd

Assault in Glastonbury – appeal for information

Avon & Somerset Police are appealing for information on an assault that took place at Silver Street, Glastonbury. A police spokesperson told us that the incident occurred at 1.45 am on Wednesday 15th  April. The victim drove to Silver Street  to drop off a passenger. As she pulled over to let her passenger out, a

Fractious meeting at Ilminster Town Council

It was the last town council meeting before the May 7th elections and it was destined to be, let us say interesting. On Tuesday 14th May, a group of townsfolk, all of whom are standing for election on May 7th challenged the agenda of the town council during public questions. At issue was not so

Election fever grips Langport

Unbridled enthusiasm for elections seems to have broken out in the town of Langport. After several years in which it has been hard to muster enough candidates to fill the places, no fewer than 24 candidates have been nominated for May 7th to contest just 11 places. I’m not sure if this is a long

Elections – Final list of candidates

As is often the way with these things, our April edition carries lists of candidates that contained all the candidates we had been notified of at the time when we sent them to the printers. Time has of course moved on and nominations did not close until the 9th April by which time our papers

More local hustings

If you missed the Langport Hustings – don’t worry, there is still another chance to challenge your candidates for the Somerton & Frome constituency coming up. On 31st March there will be a hustings in the Wyndham Arms, Kingsbury Episcopi devoted to the issues around flood defence. Topics do not get much more pertinent than

Ferne Animal Sanctuary – charity shop in Langport

On April 4th the Ferne Animal Sanctuary will be opening a new charity shop in Bow Street, Langport.  Based in Wambrook, near Chard the sanctuary was founded in 1939 by the late Nina, Duchess of Hamilton and Brandon. Initially the animal sanctuary originally looked after the pets of servicemen and women who were going away

Don’t miss the Langport Hustings

The Langport Leveller is proud to support and sponsor the Langport Hustings. All the candidates from the Somerton & Frome constituency have confirmed their attendance so this is your chance to ask them those searching questions and put them on the spot. Run and co-ordinated by the Bagehot Memorial fund and chaired by Bishop George