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February edition update

Apologies to anyone who hasn’t got their copy of their Langport Leveller for February. By the end of this weekend we will have managed to get most of our copies out, but not all. The floods have made it difficult to reach all of our usual drop points. We are trying to make sure everyone

Flooding on the Levels update

The information below was issued by the Environment Agency yesterday evening. Flood Warnings and Situation update There are still two severe flood warnings in place and four flood warnings. River levels remain very sensitive to further rainfall. Significant issues still include: · Muchelney, Thorney and Langport –The area is still suffering from significant flooding to

February’s Langport Leveller

It is now clear that we are going to struggle to get our papers out on time this month. Please accept our apologies for this. We will of course attempt to get as many out as possible by the 15th. However some villages may not be accessible and a couple of our deliverers are stranded

Public Meeting at Huntworth

A public meeting has been called for tomorrow, Wednesday, 12th February, which it is intended, will be the launch pad for a series of weekly flood surgeries, where residents can get up to date information from the EA, Sedgemoor District Council, the Police and Somerset County Council. This first meeting will be held at 6.00pm

Flooding update lunchtime today

We have just been given the following updates: The Environment Agency acting with partners, including Somerset County Council, local authorities and emergency services are working on a number of short term, emergency options to maximise the amount of floodwater that can be pumped away from the Somerset Levels and Moors  as quickly as possible. These

PM visits Somerset

It barely seems like 3 weeks ago that we couldn’t even get a junior minister to take an interest. Today Prime Minister David Cameron joined the long line of the great and good making their pilgrimage to the waters edge. He met with Somerset County Council Leader John Osman today and thanked him for the work

Moorland evacuated, Aller Road closed

We understand that all residents have now been evacuated from Moorland today and troops from 40 Commando are combing the area to make sure no one has been left behind or needs help. Meanwhile in the day’s most futile exercise, Lord Smith visited Somerset in an effort that most local people see as 5 weeks

Evacuation – please read and pass on

We are now advised by the police that with immediate effect residents in Northmoor, Saltmoor and Fordgate are advised to evacuate the area following a severe weather warning. The warning indicates there is a significant danger to life and the police are strongly recommending that anyone in those three villages leave the area immediately. A

Severe flood warning for Burrowbridge and East Lyng

Following more severe weather overnight and torrential rain, the river system is once again in full flood, just as it seemed to be getting back under control again. The Environment Agency has issued a sever flood warning for the A361, between East Lyng and Burrowbridge. There is “an imminent risk that Baltmoor Wall will overtop”,

Flood situation this weekend

We have just received the following update from the Environment Agency that we wanted to share with as many of you as possible: “Wessex (Bridgwater office) situation update as at 16:45 hours. Weather forecast Wet and windy weather will spread east across the area today (Friday 31 Jan) with some heavy rain and gales.  Widespread