Where to get your copy

The Langport Leveller®, Somerset Leveller®and Somerton Sentinel are all only available as hard copy newspapers. This website will keep you up to date in between times. However we are unable to provide an electronic version of the current edition of our newspapers for the time being.


Get there quick!

You will find copies of our newspapers at over 100 outlets around the area we serve. However in some outlets they do go very quickly so it is a good idea to look for a copy as close to the publication date (15th of the month) as possible.

If you want to check where to find the nearest one to you, you can download a list and map here: where to find us


Subscription Service

If you would like to receive a copy each month by post, we do offer a subscription service. We will post a copy out to you each month for a year at a cost of £20 to cover packing post and admin.

Please use the contact form on this site to request a subscription, and remember to specify which of our three titles you would like.