We all know that newspapers, the printed things you can pick up and hold, are going out of fashion. The number of newspapers we buy, in particular the number of local newspapers we buy, has been plummeting. The Western Gazette had a circulation of 30,000 plus just 5 years ago. Today it is 17,533 (according to the December 2015 ABC certificate) barely half what it was. The Langport and Somerton edition of the Western Gazette has barely 1,550 readers (according to the December 2016 ABC certificate).

This is because of the internet.

Or is it?

Our newspapers circulation has been going up every month. That is EVERY month since the day we launched. Our circulation is already over 9,000.

Why is that?

It is everything to do with content and only partly to do with the internet. If you produce a paper with tabloid journalism, big headlines and pictures and soundbite articles then what is the point. The internet does that so much better.

Which is why we don’t do that. We produce in depth articles, we produce material that people can read. We don’t believe that local people are stupid, we don’t feel we need to patronise them. We treat them with respect and give them material to read, debate and agree or disagree with.

Could this be why our circulation keeps going up?