Langport “Parish” Poll

Following the Public Meeting on the29th August, the Parish Poll proposed by Patsy Mounter and voted, pretty much unanimously by Langport residents, is now going to be held in Langport at  the Ground Floor Meeting Room of the Town Hall on Wednesday 27th September. The hours of the poll as prescribed by law will be from 4.00pm to 9.00pm.

The rules for Parish Polls do not permit the use of poll cards, postal votes or proxy votes. Only electors of Langport will be able to vote.

It is worth noting at this point what a Parish Poll is. It is quite simply an expression of the wishes of the parish. It is not binding and the results do not have to be acted on by either the Town Council or Town Trust. However given that the poll will be a strong indication of support for, or opposition to, a specific parish matter, it would be a brave councillor who flew in the face of the outcome.

The question asked by the Langport Poll is: “Should the future of the Hanging Chapel be subject to consultation and scrutiny by the electors of Langport”.