Old weapons stash found at Grey lake

Police have released more information about a stash of weapons found at the bottom of Grey Lake at Kingsweston Sluice, near Street. A man who had been “magnet-fishing” reported the find that police say contained between 20-30 parts of firearms all of which are badly rusted. They now believe the weapons are similar to a find made in 2015 by a group of boys at the same location. In both cases the weapons are badly rusted and are thought to have originated from weapons factories in Somerset operating during the Second World War.

The police are keen to debunk some of the more imaginative flights of fancy doing the rounds. the horde does not contain  weapons such as Kalshnikovs and Uzis.

Nearly all of the weapons, which are being examined by the police armourer prior to destruction are believed to be at least 50-60 years old.

Meanwhile members of the force’s underwater search team are at the pool today (Tuesday 5th September) checking to see if there are other weapons in there.