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MP speaks out against bank closure

Today Somerton and Frome MP spoke out against the closure of the branch of the NatWest bank in Langport. In an exclusive interview with the Leveller David Warburton told us: “I’ve been in touch with NatWest and will certainly keep trying to get them to overturn this decision.  The branch is set to close in

NatWest Langport – more on the closure

NatWest have used the falling use of the Langport branch to justify closing it down in October this year. Figures from NatWest suggest usage has fallen by 21%. So it is especially interesting to recall that from last July the opening hours at the bank were changed. As we reported at the time “Currently the

Last bank in Langport to close

It is the moment we feared would come. The NatWest bank have decided to close down their Langport branch in the Autumn. Unfortunately this was all too predictable, something we pointed out when the branch reduced its opening hours last year. It is easy to create a self fulfilling prophesy if you want to. If

Martock Muddle

The following piece should have been in our March edition but didn’t make the cut, so we thought you might like to read it online. I apologise in advance if some of the planning speak is technical, I’ve tried to edit that out but… Many planning applications are straightforward – plans are submitted, the parish

Did you witness a hit and run near Somerton?

Police are appealing for witnesses following a fail to stop road traffic collision at Littleton near Somerton.  The incident took place at approximately 3pm last Friday (3rd March) on the B3151 at Littleton. South Somerset District Council workers were conducting mobile drain clearance with the use of ‘stop/go’ signs when a car collided with their

Can you vote?

We might as well get on with the increasing flow of election material that will spew forth for the best part of the next 2 months. But perhaps you can’t vote? It might be worth making sure. If you are going to have to endure 8 weeks of campaigning, you might as well be sure

Early Launch

The Conservatives have launched their manifesto for the County Council elections in Wells. Inviting Westminster MP for Taunton Deane and Secretary of State Sajid Javid to provide moral support it kicks off what may well feel, for the voter if not the candidates, like a very long run in. We still have 8 weeks to

Great Western Disaster

We reported in detail last year on the problems with the contract to electrify the line from London to Bristol and the impact this would have for fast trains coming on down to Somerset. Today the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee published a report which pretty much vindicated everything we said in our article.