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Best little High Street in the Land?

Langport has today been named as one of the country’s best high streets. It is one of just three communities to be shortlisted in the third national Great British High Street competition. Which is of course no mean feat. Because we are small (but perfectly formed) we are in the “village” section of the competition

Fysh visits GKN factory in yeovil

Following the announcement last week that GKN is considering redundancies and or closing its plant at the Westlands works in Yeovil, local MP Marcus Fysh visited the site on Friday. The meeting was arranged to listen to employees concerns and explain what he and the government were doing. Following the meeting Mr Fysh told us

Archaeology site of international importance

In this month’s Leveller and Sentinel we have an exclusive on a site of international importance discovered near High Ham. The article gives you the detail about the site and its historical significance, but we thought you might like to see some photos too, the Roman bath house, the corn dryer and the outline of

Westland and GKN – update

Interestingly we approached Westland to ask if they intended making the frames for the WildCat helicopters in Yeovil once the work was withdrawn from GKN’s factory in the town. This might still be the case and if so would mean that the closure of GKN would not necessarily be quite so devastating for the town

A (bad?) planning decision in more detail

In the October Leveller we take a look at an important decision by the Planning Inspectorate in Bristol.  The decision was over an application to fill the gap between Wearne and Kelways Inn with a new housing estate.  The decision has been largely misunderstood and a lot of nonsense written about it being rejected on

Beer Wall work nears completion

County Council leader John Osman held court at Beer Court this morning, this time though it was in his capacity as Chair of the Somerset Rivers Authority. The work to connect the water channels to the giant culverts running under the A 372 has now been all but finished with a couple of giant adjustable

GKN may close Yeovil factory

So finally the impact of the award to Boeing, earlier this year for military helicopters has come home to roost. Leonardo has said it will have to take building the frames in-house. No word as yet as to where, but it seems unlikely that this will be in Somerset.  In the meantime GKN, the company