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Assault in Langport

Can you remember where you were around 8.30 in the morning on Wednesday 23rd April (a week ago today)? The police are appealing for the public’s help, particularly passing motorists – following an assault in Langport. The incident happened at about 8.35am on Wednesday April 23 when a man was walking out of the Tesco

Witnesses sought to Somerton burglary

On Saturday April 5, 2014 at around 5.30pm a property in Behind Berry, Somerton, a man entered a house and picked up some trainers before being disturbed by the homeowner. He then pushed past her and ran off. The victim has described as the man as being in his thirties or early forties, 5’7” tall

Langport Battlesite still not safe

A planning application to put an industrial scale solar panel site next to Tengore Lane continues to rumble on. We understand that the Planning Inspector will review the site in person during the course of this week. After an earlier application failed having been appealed all the way up to the Planning Inspectorate, a new

Registration offices to close

A review of the registration service by Somerset County Council has led to a decision to close the registration offices at Wincanton and Wellington. The Registration Service is a statutory duty that the County Council performs in line with an agreement with central government. It is responsible for registering our births marriages and deaths and

Beware fake £50 notes

Beware! Please help us by alerting all businesses and members of the public to a conman who is passing off forged £50 notes in the area. This is not the first time this has happened in the Levels area in the past 12 months. Two shops in Langport are the most recent victims. In this instance we

Flood area health risks

The following is a public health message from Somerset County Council for all residents in areas impacted by the flooding: Schools in Somerset break up next week and while the vast majority of floodwater has gone from the Levels and Moors, there are still some extra precautions that can be taken. Children should keep clear of