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Latest Flooding report from the EA

This latest update was sent to us by the Environment Agency at 4pm this afternoon. As ever please pass it on and share with anyone who you know needs the information. High spring tides High spring tides are predicted between Saturday 1 March and Tuesday 4 March.  The highest is likely to be about 08:00

Flooding update

Here is the latest flooding update from the Environment Agency provided at lunchtime on Monday 24 February 2014  Weather forecast Monday will be a generally dry day with the chance of an isolated shower. A band of rain will move across the area later on Monday evening bringing totals of 5 to 9 mm of

Flooding update

Please find below the latest public information release from the Environment Agency. As ever please do share this information with those who do not have ready access to it: Flood warnings and flooding situation There are still two severe flood warnings in place and three flood warnings. River levels remain very sensitive to further rainfall.

Dredging to begin in March

Many of our readers will be interested in the announcement made by the Environment Agency this morning that a Rivers Parrett and Tone Dredging Project will commence in March “as soon as the waters subside”. Whilst this is to be welcomed, doubts remain that the EA is the right organisation to run this work. The following

Sheila Wheeler departs

Somerset County Council faces major questions as one of the worst kept secrets in Somerset, the departure of SCC Chief Executive Sheila Wheeler, was finally confirmed this evening. The announcement will only serve to increase pressure on the Council to reveal the truth behind the move. No ratepayer can be reasonably expected to accept the

Flooding and pumps – an update

We have received the latest update on the flooding situation across the Levels from the Environment Agency at 6pm this evening. Please do share this with those who do not have easy access to the internet and whose homes are under threat. Muchelney, Thorney and Langport – The roads leading to the villages of Muchelney

Flooding information and meeting

The Environment Agency have issued notices to residents around the Aller area that starting on either Monday 17th or Tuesday 18th February, they will start to increase the operation of Monks Lease Clyse to allow more water along the Sowy and Kings Sedgemoor Drain. The EA have assured us that they will continually monitor the

February edition update

Apologies to anyone who hasn’t got their copy of their Langport Leveller for February. By the end of this weekend we will have managed to get most of our copies out, but not all. The floods have made it difficult to reach all of our usual drop points. We are trying to make sure everyone

Flooding on the Levels update

The information below was issued by the Environment Agency yesterday evening. Flood Warnings and Situation update There are still two severe flood warnings in place and four flood warnings. River levels remain very sensitive to further rainfall. Significant issues still include: · Muchelney, Thorney and Langport –The area is still suffering from significant flooding to

February’s Langport Leveller

It is now clear that we are going to struggle to get our papers out on time this month. Please accept our apologies for this. We will of course attempt to get as many out as possible by the 15th. However some villages may not be accessible and a couple of our deliverers are stranded