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Attempted robbery in Martock

Avon & Somerset Police are appealing for witnesses following an attempted robbery of a woman in Martock. A man grabbed the victim’s handbag and tried to take it from her but she resisted and the man ran off empty handed. The incident happened in the car park behind Moorlands Park Shopping Centre between 6.30pm and

Small businesses to get a break?

Many of you who run small businesses will have heard of plans by the Treasury to implement a new tax regime. Branded rather enthusiastically as Making Tax Digital, essentially HMRC would like you to pay your tax every quarter. In other words moving much closer to the PAYE regime for employees. This scheme was due

40 Commando update

A House of Commons paper published today summarises the state of play with MoD estates including the 40 Commando barracks outside Taunton: The report notes that several MPs focused on the impact of closures of bases in their own constituencies and the strong links between the units and the local community. Rebecca Pow “worried about

Wlidcat contract win

What Yeovil really needs to bring security to the 7,000 odd people who work at Yeovilton and Leonardo (Agusta Westland that was) is some firm orders for new helicopters to add to the fleet of 62 Wildcats already commissioned to the Royal Navy. Instead yesterday we had a lot of razzamatazz a ministerial visit and

County Stores – more good news

I know many of our readers will be delighted to hear that rumours of the demise of County Stores, Taunton, have been exaggerated. Yesterday the iconic store on Taunton’s North Street announced that it would not close at the end of this month as had originally been announced. In the end it was the loyalty

Great Start to 2017

Today the government launched a new garden towns initiative to create or further develop communities around the UK along garden town principles. One of those towns selected to benefit from the scheme is our county town of Taunton. This will potentially be good news not just for Taunton, but the surrounding area as it potentially

Somerset Serious Case Review calls for better understanding

Following injuries sustained by two Somerset babies a Serious Case Review by the Somerset Safeguarding and Care Board has highlighted an ‘over optimistic’ attitude and over reliance on the word of parents who appearing concerned and cooperative. It comes barely 18 months since a similar review into the case of the non-accidental injury of a

Some good news for Somerset Schools

This has been a long time coming but the day finally dawned today. In parliament this afternoon, Secretary of State for Education Justine Greening announced the outline plans for the funding formula for our schools. For many years now Somerset schools have had a poor deal, getting far less per pupil than London schools and

Parish and Town Council precepts

Apologies to all our readers! In our November edition we led with a story that rather tears into the foolishness of government proposals to cap precepts for town and parish councils. We promised to upload the full government proposals for those who wanted to take a look – and then didn’t! You can now access

Somerset sets its face against saving money?

Over the past 6 months we have campaigned constantly against devolution and have challenged Somerset County Council on their proposals. The main thrust of our argument has been: 1)      the council refused to reduce the number of councils and councillors by becoming a unitary authority (like Cornwall and Wiltshire), 2)      we would now end up