Chard Carnival accident

Police are appealing for witnesses following an incident at Chard Carnival last night (Saturday 14 October). Just before 10pm when the carnival procession was over and the floats were being “broken down” a female member of the road crew became trapped under one of the carnival carts. The injured woman suffered serious leg injuries and

Shepton and Chard to lose beds this winter

Twenty four community hospital beds, 10 in Shepton Mallet and 14 in Chard, will be moved to other local hospitals by the end of October 2017, to make sure enough staff are available for patients during winter. Nursing staff will move with the hospital beds and then the two inpatient wards will be temporarily closed.

Damp Squib?

After all the fireworks over the public meeting to discuss the future of Langport’s iconic Hanging Chapel, the term damp squib feels vaguely appropriate. A Parish Poll was called for yesterday the 27th September but voter apathy returned in large swathes. The Poll was called to put the question “Should the future of the Hanging

Avalon loses bus contract

Parents at ten schools in Somerset have been informed of new arrangements to get to school after Somerset County Council ended a school transport contract today. The affected schools are Wells Blue, St Dunstan’s, Crispins, Chilton Trinity and Kings of Wessex (secondary schools); Hugh Sexey’s Middle School (Middle school) and Coxley, Ashcott, Catcott and Wedmore

Just a minute

It is now over two weeks since the public meeting in Langport to discuss the fate of the Hanging Chapel. A lot has happened since. Seven councillors have resigned. The September town council meeting has been postponed (please note). The Town Clerk has asked South Somerset District Council to appoint emergency councillors until such time

Major drainage upgrade on A372 at Aller

Somerset County Council are to start a major engineering scheme to upgrade drainage on the A372 at Aller this week. The section of Aller Road and High Street has been subject to issues with standing water and localised flooding in the past. This scheme will replace the whole drainage system along a 550m stretch of

Hanging Chapel Lease

As the future of the Hanging Chapel has become such a fraught issue over the past two weeks, lots of people have written in or spoken to us about there views. Sadly  the letter which we publish below was received several days after the copy deadline for our September issue. It should be of interest

Langport Town Council – now in meltdown?

Although no official confirmation has been given, a second public notice was posted today by Langport Town Council indicating a 7th vacancy on the council has occurred. Notice has been given that 10 electors have to request an election by 27th September or else a councillor will be co-opted. However with just four councillors remaining,

Langport “Parish” Poll

Following the Public Meeting on the29th August, the Parish Poll proposed by Patsy Mounter and voted, pretty much unanimously by Langport residents, is now going to be held in Langport at  the Ground Floor Meeting Room of the Town Hall on Wednesday 27th September. The hours of the poll as prescribed by law will be

Old weapons stash found at Grey lake

Police have released more information about a stash of weapons found at the bottom of Grey Lake at Kingsweston Sluice, near Street. A man who had been “magnet-fishing” reported the find that police say contained between 20-30 parts of firearms all of which are badly rusted. They now believe the weapons are similar to a