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Somerset Votes Leave

Only Mendip of all the districts of Somerset voted to remain within the EU in last night’s referendum. It was particularly interesting that those areas of our county with most at risk from leaving, Sedgemoor (where the EdF nuclear power station is now unlikely to go ahead) and South Somerset (where both Westland’s Italian owners

No surprises as Glastonbury Festival causes traffic congestion

Police are “strongly advising” people to avoid travelling on main roads leading to the Glastonbury Festival site in Pilton due to heavy traffic. At the moment, traffic is queuing from the festival site in Pilton along the A361 to West Pennard. There’s also very heavy traffic on the A37 north and south of the junctions

Ilminster seeks councillors

As we mentioned in the June edition of the Leveller, events have conspired to leave 3 vacancies on Ilminster Town Council and it is expected that there will be an election in August to fill these spaces. With that in mind and to encourage people to find out more about what’s involved on 7 July,

Question to Somerset County Council

In our 15th June edition in our articles in the Somerton Sentinel and Langport Leveller, we mentioned that we had put a formal question to Somerset County Council (SCC) asking why they were unsupportive of the idea of a railway station for Langport and/or Somerton. As promised the exact question and the SCC response provided

MP’s election expenses row – latest

Following allegations (in the national press and on Channel 4) in the spring that Marcus Fysh and James Heappey may have exceeded election spending limits during the 2015 election, Avon & Somerset Police today released the following statement: “Avon and Somerset Constabulary has received a number of allegations in relation to improper spending in the

Speed Protest

A group of mums and their children staged a protest in Langport this afternoon. The group led by Lisa Pearson took time out from the trip home from school to highlight the problems with speeding traffic and heavy good vehicles in the town centre. Certainly these are not new problems, they have been an issue

Football Banning Orders

Avon & Somerset Police are preparing for the start of Euro 2016 in France next month by notifying the 103 people who have football banning orders in the force area to hand in their passports. Letters have been sent to each individual explaining why they need to do this.  If this applies to you then

EU vote – are you registered?

Whatever you think about the EU and the two sides of the referendum debate who slug it out without so much as a by your leave to a passing fact, you really do need to vote. The only thing that unites both sides of the debate is a belief that this will be a once

Webber bus suspends services

Just in case you haven’t seen the news on our facebook page, Webber bus have suspended all their bus services from last night. This includes the 38 service from Musgrove Hospital to Langport and Somerton. Somerset County Council have attempted to provide alternative arrangements for each route but best advice is to avoid travelling if